Welcome to the official presentation of the accounting agency ''BILANS CONSULTING'' DOO Budva, Montenegro

Why Bilans Consulting?

  • If you have a business problem we’re here for you, to solve it together
  • You’ll be able to finish a variety of tasks in one place
  • The kind staff of Bilans Consulting is always at the service of their clients
  • Our basic principles are:

        -  integrity
        -  objectivity
        -  professionalism and devotion
        -  confidentiality and
        -  professional demeanor

  • All of the employees and consultants are highly educated and are experts in their respective fields, and very responsible with their work
  • State institutions view us as a respectable and renowned accounting agency
  • Every client is addressed individually, keeping in mind their specific needs
  • We respect the confidentiality of top secret information
  • We give consultations in all fields of tax and customs businesses
  • We take full responsibility regarding the regularity of the entries
  • We actively cooperate during all types of inspection

We have an organized price policy.

Bilnas Consulting provides professional information necessary for your successful business and professional conduct of the business documentation for small, medium and large enterprises from various industries, such as construction, tourism, trade, real estate…

Our clients are both domestic and foreign natural and legal persons from Serbia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Macedonia, Ukraine, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland ...

Start your business in Montenegro with the initial capital ranging from 1€ above.

Become a satisfied client of Bilans Consulting!

We will start your company and provide all the necessary documents for a successful business launch in Montenegro.

Warren Buffett

One of the world's most successful industrialists

" First rule of business is:
Never lose money!

The second rule is:
Never forget the first rule!

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